CargoHub Trucking CDM Adopts IATA ONE Record Technology

May 07 2021

Schiphol based CargoHub BV joins forces with Nexshore to adopt its ONE Record SaaS solution for data sharing the latest innovation in Air Cargo data sharing technology. Recognizing the efficiencies and data sharing capabilities of ONE Record for the collaborative decision making Trucking CDM platform, Raoul Paul, CEO of CargoHub states;

“I am very excited to start utilizing the ONE Record capabilities of Nexshore in our collaborative decision making (CDM) platform. ONE Record will help us to provide full transparency and predictability on transit, local pickup and export deliveries in the landside operation process between ground handlers, road feeders, airlines and forwarders. The advanced information about shipments, the truck movement updates and predictability of handling capacity will optimize planning between CDM participants, thus avoiding lengthy and costly delays for vehicles waiting to collect or deliver shipments.

Our mission is to increase quality and efficiency in the landside operation handling and transport process of air cargo. ONE Record will enable us to provide end to end supply chain visibility for CDM participants, will support our customers to reduce operational costs and contributes to an increased competitiveness of the air cargo product.”

Deployed with simplicity over the ONE Record by Nexshore SaaS, the classical methods of sharing Air Cargo data from various sources such as Ground Handlers, Trucking companies and Airlines through CargoIMP or CargoXML messages are now replaced by sharing ONE Record logistics objects which brings efficient data sharing, slashes transmission costs, accelerates communications – by providing real-time information to Trucking operators needing to arrange pick up and drop off slots at airport warehouses.

Both CargoHub and Nexshore have agreed on strategic cooperation to leverage the multimodal capabilities of the IATA ONE Record specification to track and trace shipments through all interconnecting transport segments from source to destination. This enhances Trucking CDM and allows CargoHub to be competitively positioned in the sector of airport and inter-airport transportation services, providing their customers with increased visibility and transparency.

Pramod Rao, Nexshore CEO elaborates “Nexshore’s ONE Record solution powers the Internet of Logistics which provides reliable data sharing capabilities to service providers who can easily build or port their logistics applications. These applications are data sources and destinations nodes on the Internet of Logistics. ONE Record handles the processing and communication of such data at a pace needed to successfully communicate and fulfil orders. The volume of data processed in the world today on fulfilling e-commerce has vastly increased the and digitalization is the only possible solution to handle the volume. CargoHub BV has recognized this early and has seized the moment to this implement this technology to work for their customers. We welcome them to the ONE Record world.”

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