Release version: VV6.6.1 - Date: 24-Nov-2020

  • ULD Flow in Handler's company Account.
  • ULD Flow in Forwarder's company Account.

Release version: V6.5.2.2 - Date: 12-Nov-2020

  • Vehicle view Capture - Gate In and Gate Out in "Handler RFS" View.
  • View Detailed order in the AWB listing page in "Handler RFS" View.
  • Documentation save and edit for Loading Process in "Handler RFS" View.

Release version: V5.0.6 - Date: 22-Sep-2020

  • Recently click tabs should display even after page refresh.
  • Grouping and Filter should be auto refreshed and those should be reset with the help of "Reset" button

Release version: V5.0.5 - Date: 17-Sep-2020

  • Time Slot as a single column, based on loading/unloading in a Handler account.
  • Auto refresh timing is changed to 15 mins and add "Update Orders" refresh the page.

Release version: V5.0.4 - Date: 15-Sep-2020

  • System date and time in Edit Loading Process

Release version:V5.0.3 - Date: 08-Sep-2020

  • Print option in view booking order pages
  • Past records are archived manually.
  • Auto archive of the Trip completed orders

Release version: V5.0.2 - Date: 14-Sep-2020

  • Actual Arrival date to Arrival date
  • Password length is increased to 16 characters in the password Reset

Release version: V5.0.1 - Date: 02-Sep-2020

  • Loading process enhancements
    • Added three extra time fields - Gate in, Office Check In, Gate out
    • Delay to check box
    • Delay reason when Delay is checked
  • Existing Tracking column is divided into two columns as Order number and Tracking icon and Current tracking link is given to the new tracking icon

Release version:V5.0.0 - Date: 28-Aug-2020

  • Forwarder Flow
    • Creating shipments
    • Assign shipments to Handlers and creating the orders
    • Assign shipments are visible in the Active listing Tab

Release version: V4.1.0 - Date: 14-Aug-2020

  • Door Management system (DMS) for Handler companies
    • Configuration Access - Giving access to the users to manage the DMS
    • Configuring Doors - Adding the specific number of doors to the particular Stations - Updating the Warehouse door number
    • Available shifts (Configuring Shifts) - Adding and updating the shits for the particular stationsTruckcclp
    • Doors Availability - Activating and deactivating the existing doors
  • Updating the shift members at the hi level

Release version: V3.1.0 - Date: 17-Jul-2020

  • Charts implementation in Handler company
    • Vehicle count chart
    • Booking count chart
    • Shipment vehicle count
    • Trucking Vehicles count
    • Origin station based vehicle count
    • Destination station based vehicle count
    • In bound station
    • Outbound station
  • Trailer ID is added to the live portal for the trucking companies,
  • Seal is changed to Check boxes

Release version: V2.01.05 – Date: 28-01-2020

  • Order Notify
    • Only Trucking Companies has the access to notify the Orders to the Handler Companies. Emails will be sent to the Handlers station email address
  • Trucking – Manual Loading Process:
    • Trucking companies can manually update the loading Process like: ETA, Start Loading Time and End Loading Time and the Trip status will be changed automatically based the loading process

Release version: V2.01.04 – Date: 05-12-2019

  • Super admin can switch to other organizations’ users
  • Station Delete
    • Company admin can able to delete one station at a time. (Total orders and users that are related to that particular station are also)
    • If the Admin user tries to delete station which he belongs to, then only the users will belongs to that station are.
  • Tracking orders
    • Here we can able to track the order with Booking ID or AWB number.
    • Tracking can be done by clicking the booking id from the Order listing page.
  • Delete and archieve orders display
    • Display of orders/bookings in Active, Completed and Delete Tabs.
    • In Active Tab – Displays all the active orders.
    • In Completed Tab – Displays all archived orders (from cargohub application) and partial archive orders from trucking portal.
    • In Delete Tab – Displays all the deleted orders.
  • Archive the orders
    • Admin can archive the orders in portal. this order will be shared to all except who archive the order.
    • If order completed from cargohub application, that order will considered as fully archived order. which will not be shared to anyone.